Tracks Rental

Our tracks offer a wide range of surfaces and driving conditions for all types of vehicles, year-round. You are guaranteed to enjoy the resources and security conditions that Michelin requires for its tests.


The proving ground at Ladoux is located at the Michelin Technology Centre, 10 km north of the Michelin head offices in Clermont-Ferrand (in the centre of France).


The CEMA testing centre is located in southern Spain. It spans 4,500 hectares at the foot of the volcanic La Sierra de Gata mountains and stretches into the Cabo de Gata natural park.


Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds (LPG) is a state-of-the-art testing facility located in Upstate South Carolina.


The Michelin Arctic proving ground test tracks are located 300 km above the Arctic Circle.


The road is located in the French Alps and leads to the Bonette-Restefond pass – the highest in Europe.