Automotive Testing Services

Pooling expertise and resources for your projects.

Our teams of engineering experts accompany you at each step of your project to validate technical solutions in vehicle performance evaluation and subsystems.

The following are a few examples of our spheres of competence.


  • Subjective evaluation of interior noises (aerial and structure-borne)
  • Numerous tracks allowing a large choice of solicitations (rough and smooth surfaces, micro or macro-rough asphalts, analytical obstacles and reproduction of road hazards).
  • On-board measurement for spectral analysis
  • Acoustic peaks identification and diagnosis help


  • Subjective evaluation of mechanical comfort over the three usual bandwidths (Low frequency = primary ride, Medium frequency = secondary ride and High frequency = Harshness)
  • Damper tuning support (either conventional or adaptive)
  • Tuning support of chassis metallic components (such as anti-roll bars, springs…) or elasto-kinematic components (such as bushings, bump stops…)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the layout changes from suspension systems
  • Improve chassis analysis through objective measurements such as K&C rig, COG, steering or damper bench…


  • Vehicle subjective evaluation at or over the grip limit on any kind of ground (dry, wet, snow)
  • Fine tuning support by choosing the correct stiffnesses, tires, or even active chassis systems parameters
  • Possibility to enhance the understanding of your chassis thanks to K&C measurement and analysis


  • Subjective evaluation of your vehicle on center handling and with low lateral acceleration
  • Support for fine tuning of the balance between, chassis, tire, powertrain, steering system and ADAS