Cookies Policy

How Michelin uses cookies in France

1. What's a cookie?

A cookie is a text file or software application which records information relevant to web browsing on your device. It is controlled by your browser and sometimes carries a unique and random number. You can read, destroy or modify it.

2. Why does Michelin use cookies?

Michelin is always seeking out new methods to improve its websites and provide you with a better service. Therefore, Michelin uses different types of cookies as shown below, some of which may require the web user's prior consent (advertising cookies) before the cookie is installed on their device.

3. How does Michelin keep you informed about the cookies it uses?

On your first visit to the Michelin website , the "find out more" link on the home page will redirect you to this page where you will find information on the cookies which are used on this website.
Under all circumstances, you are in control of these cookies. You are able to refuse, destroy and configure them.

4. How to block and/or remove cookies?

On a computer

You can uninstall these cookies in two ways.

On the one hand, you can consult the cookies already installed on your terminal through the use of your browser, and delete them one by one by type of cookies as indicated in the banner or all at once.

  • Apple Safari Browser: “Confidentiality” section in the « Preferences » menu, provided section for “Cookies and other data of Internet websites”.
  • Google Chrome Browser: “Confidentiality” section in the « Parameters» menu, « Content Parameters» subsection, provided section for « Cookies and website data».
  • Internet Explorer Browser: “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options” section, then “General” then “Browser history”, then “Parameters”, then open the “Parameters of temporary internet files and history” window, and finally, “Display files”.
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser: “Tools” menu, “Options” section, “Privacy” subsection, “Delete specific cookies” functionality.

On the other hand, you can manually delete the cookies by undertaking the following steps.

  • Go on your computer folder, select C: in the Windows folder,
  • Open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder and select all files (CTRL+A).
  • Choose the “delete” option.

Furthermore, you can program your Internet browser to block or receive a warning for all installations of cookies on your terminal. The steps to follow differ for each type of browser, but you can find instructions in the “Help” section of the latter. The programming of your browser can be carried out independently on each of the terminals that you use in order to access Michelin web sites.

On a smartphone or tablet

You can uninstall these cookies according to the following methods:

  • Android Browser : Open your "Home" screen, Tap your web browser icon, Tap the "Menu" button, Tap the "Settings", Your device will either take you to a menu of available settings OR it will have one of the three following options. Tap on the option you have: Privacy & Security, Privacy, Security option Tap on "Clear Cache" ,Tap "OK" to confirm, Tap "Clear all cookie data" Tap "OK" to confirm, Click the "Home" button to go back to your "Home" Screen Restart your device by turning it off and then on again.
  • Google Chrome Browser: On your browser toolbar, click “the Chrome menu” Click “More tools” and “Clear browsing data” In the box that appears, click the checkboxes for "Cookies and other site and plug-in data" and "Cached images and files." Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Choose “beginning of time” to delete everything. Click “Clear browsing data”.
  • Apple iOS 8: Click the "Home" button, Tap the "Settings" button, Scroll down to "Safari", Tap on "Clear History and Website Data".  You will receive a warning message.  Tap on "Clear History and Data" to confirm, Click the "Home" button to go back to your "Home" Screen, Restart your device by turning it off and then on again.

The uninstalling or the blocking of cookies used on the Michelin websites could affect, or even prevent you from using these websites.

5. What types of cookies does Michelin use?

Cookies may be temporary and only last for you browsing session or the site, or permanent i.e. have a longer life cycle than the life cycle attributed by your web browser settings. There are many different types of cookies, which break down into three groups as defined below.

- Cookies to enable or facilitate communication through electronic methods
The sole purpose of necessary cookies is to enable or facilitate communication through electronic methods. sThey are essential to the website's smooth operation. Deactivating these cookies creates major difficulties using the site, and may even make it impossible to use the services it offers. These cookies do not keep any information about you once you leave the site. They may, for instance, identify user devices in order to route communication, number data packets so that they are routed in the desired sequence, detect transmission errors or loss of data.
Functional cookies are strictly necessary for providing an online communication service at the user's explicit request. The provide specific functionality to the user. If these cookies are uninstalled, service provision will be rendered impossible. Functional cookies can also collect personal data. With some cookies, this information may be retained after you have closed your browsing session on the website, and may be shared with partners, only for the necessary purposes of providing the services. These are for examples cookies which record user preferences such as languages, "user session" cookies (which identify the user when they are browsing through several pages and which only keep the data throughout the browsing session), or cookies used for the "shopping basket".

- Visitor statistics cookies
Visitor statistics cookies recognise visitors through their different visits. These cookies only store a web user "ID" (individual to each cookie) and are under no circumstances used to gather nominal information about visitors. They record the pages visited, the visit time and the error messages and enable improvement of Michelin website performance.
Visitor statistics cookies may be installed and managed by partners, but Michelin limits their use to the statistical analysis purposes required.

- Cookies relating to targeted advertising
Targeting and tracking cookies enable third parties to provide services, mainly of an advertising nature, and to improve their efficiency. These cookies may record the websites and pages that you visit, and may collect personal data, mainly the web users IP address and the device they use. The information gathered may be shared with third parties.
These are, for instance, cookies which enable advertising companies to show adverts adapted to your interests, based on where you browse on Michelin websites, or limit the repetition of these adverts. These cookies require your authorisation. In which case a banner will appear on the 1st page of the site to request your consent to install these cookies.
Michelin and third part providers, such as Google, use proprietary cookies and third party cookies jointly to obtain information, optimise and publish adverts based on the visits made to the website. Michelin and these providers also use these types of cookie to determine the relationship between visits recorded on the website and ad impressions, other advertising service use and interactions between ad impressions and these advertising services. Finally, Michelin and these providers use these types of cookies to record your interests and demographic data in order to target advertising for you.




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12 months



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Session, expires after a few hours.





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