MICHELIN Engineering & Services offers training and awareness sessions on how to drive trucks and other heavy vehicles safely.

MICHELIN Engineering & Services (approved Training Centre) can provide truck driver training and awareness sessions for your teams and for truck & heavy vehicle drivers (semi-trailers, truck tractors, etc.) specifically designed to meet your needs.

Sessions available include:

  • Improving the safety of your heavy vehicle driving
  • Rational use of new technology (ABS, ASR, ESP)
  • Handling heavy vehicles in difficult situations
  • Truck test driver training
  • Improving your heavy vehicle driver training

These training sessions are led by our fully-qualified expert Michelin monitors/trainers on our test tracks at Ladoux and take into account the various technical aspects of your needs as well as the participants' different levels of driving capabilities.

MICHELIN Engineering & Services can adapt to your needs by first testing the level of driving ability and meeting with you to discuss the results you expect to achieve.