Seminar / Incentive


Do you want to hold an event that combines business meetings and a circuit driving experience?

The MICHELIN Engineering & Services site at Domaine de Fontange offers you tracks, equipment and a complete range of services to ensure your event is a success.

The Domaine de Fontange is a venue designed to meet the needs of all companies, regardless of their business sector. The MICHELIN Engineering & Services teams allow you private access to the site located in a pleasant sunny setting in the heart of Provence. You can hold work meetings at the Events centre and enjoy circuit driving and other activities, all under optimal conditions.

Business meetings

Several areas are available for you to hold your event: the Events centre boasts a showroom, meeting room and panoramic terrace, two flexible workshops and offices. You can have tents set up as an option, if needed. You can also hold several meetings or training workshops at the same time.
Maximum capacity: 150 individuals.

Dynamic workshops for circuit driving (driver course)

The Domaine de Fontange offers various circuit driving workshops designed with the Michelin values of passion and safety in mind.

  • driver initiation on the speed circuit behind the wheel of powerful and high performance vehicles. Featuring a high speed circuit and heavy braking, this fun workshop provides the perfect experience for thrill seekers.
  • driving safety: road risk assessment and management, driving position, behaviour behind the wheel, acquiring the right behaviour and managing the vehicle on wet surfaces, the safety workshop teaches you to drive even under the most trying conditions.
  • eco-driving: discover techniques to reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear; the “eco-driving workshop” teaches you how to drive more cleanly and comfortably.
  • technological knowledge: an in-depth look at electronic driving aids (ESP, ABS, AFU...) to take advantage of what they have to offer. Initiation on the track, learn to adapt your driving for optimal use of driving aids, the “techno” workshop will teach you a better way to drive the vehicles of today.

All these workshops are run by the team of expert Michelin instructors, using a wide range of vehicles.

Other activities

Other activities may be offered, including a driving simulator and a tour through Provence and along the Mediterranean.

Michelin expertise

Based on its reliable logistics, the expert team at Fontange provides you with active support to ensure your event runs smoothly and manages all the logistical aspects of your events:

  • Technical teams (fluid, electricity)
  • Audio visual equipment and photography
  • Additional tents, catering, accommodation, transport

 Logistics: top of the range washing and fuel station on site.